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Do you keep notes on birds that you have seen? Why not make them available for use by researchers? This is a fantastic way to make your observations relevant. It also maintains your lists so it is an excellent way to keep Ontario, county, country and world lists. NOTE: We use data from eBird to contribute to what we know about Oxford County's birds. Your data will be incorporated into our county checklist and other future publications.

iNaturalist - a database and identification tool for all organisms

This site is a database that allows you to enter all of your natural history observations and search for observations made by others. A good mobile app is available. Observations must be entered singly and are best supported by photographs or sound clips. One of the most amazing features of the app is that it makes suggestions as to the identity of whatever you photograph. It is a fabulous resource but for bird observations, eBird is still the most robust portal to use.

Ontario Field Ornithologists'

Leading Ontario bird society. Web site includes access to the popular OntBirds listserve, photo archives and the current Ontario bird checklist.

Bird Studies Canada

A focal site on everything happening in the bird world in Canada.


A database of bird sounds from around the world. Upload your own bird songs and calls or download others. Great for learning. Save them to iTunes and use them on your iPod.


Contains current checklists for most countries and regions of the world.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The research lab at Cornell is very active and does an excellent job at linking cutting edge research with amateur projects and areas of interest.

Niagara Peninsula Hawkwatch

This annual hawkwatch is at Beamer Point, near St. Catharines. Check out the statistics for this year's raptor migration and for the last 25 years.

Hawk Cliff Foundation

Hawk Cliff near Port Stanley is one of the sites to observe hawk migrations in eastern North America. This web site conveys information about hawks, hawk watching, raptor banding and Hawk Cliff.

The Owl Foundation

The Owl Founation has been working with injured owls since 1965. They are one of the best known and most reputable rehabilitation centres in North America.


A fantastic site that includes photographs of many species of North American insects. This is a great place to try to figure out what insects you are seeing. Upload your own insect photos, get advice about identifications, etc.

The Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids and Nematodes

The CNC is our national collection of insects and their relatives. Canada has one of the largest and most diverse collections of insects in the world and an excellent group of scientists studying the taxonomy and phylogenetics of these animals. Look at this site to see what they are working on and to find links to different publications and identification tools.

Ontario Nature

Nature Reserves, Ontario Nature Trust Alliance, conservation plans for 20 Important Bird Areas across the province, protecting and restoring southern Ontario’s original woodlands, links to other nature groups.

Nature London

The McIlwraith Field Naturalists' Club website. The London club is a very active and old member of the Ontario Natural History community.

Otter Valley Naturalists' Club

This is a relatively new and active naturalist club based in Port Burwell. The Woodstock Club occasionally coordinates events with the Otter Valley group.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

This suberb site includes pdf scans of an immense amount of scientific literature, all free and easily accessible.

Encyclopedia of Life

A developing resource for all living things.

Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club

This is one of the largest and oldest naturalist organizations in Ontario. Their site contains links to many Ottawa area activities and to The Canadian Field-Naturalist, one of the oldest and most significant Natural History publications in Canada (started in 1880). Many Ontario naturalists join the OFNC in order to receive this journal.

Ingersoll District Nature Club

This is the only other natural history society in Oxford County. The Woodstock club occasionally coordinates events with the Ingersoll District Nature Club.

Butterflies of North America

This site contains maps, photographs, checklists and species accounts for North American butterflies.

Leafsnap - identification of plants by their leaves

Would you like to identify a plant that you have found? Take a photo and submit it to leafsnap and with any luck you will get an identification.

Ontario Amphibian and Reptile Atlas

Download an app for your phone and you can enter sightings of amphibians and reptiles and support the creation of a new atlas for these creatures in Ontario.

Eddmaps for recording and tracking invasive species.

This site is dedicated to allow data entry and tracking of invasive species.

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