2020 Outings

GENERAL INFORMATION: There are some changes as to how our outings will be managed during the pandemic.  Car pooling is discouraged at this time.  Social distancing will be encouraged.  Outings are limited to Club members only.  Also, those who will be attending an outing will need to provide the leader with contact information in the event that an exposure happens.  If there is a surge of Co-Vid cases in our area, the outings will be cancelled until the number of cases drop and stabilize. If you are feeling unwell do not attend the outing. Some other tips to keep in mind: do not share equipment and have a mask and hand sanitizer available.

There are fewer outings at the moment because of Co-Vid but we look forward to getting back to normal in the spring.

Red Fox2 R Skevington.jpeg

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 26, 2020 - Any time all day – Christmas Bird Count. Note that the date of the count has been changed. We are hoping that Boxing Day will be an attractive date for people who want to get out after Christmas to walk off a few calories and see some birds. If you would like to participate, you may either join one of the small groups going out (everyone will have to take their own vehicle), bird on your own, or do some feeder watching and observations around your home. However you would like to participate, please contact Jeff Skevington (jhskevington@gmail.com) or Richard Skevington (‭519-533-7386‬) ahead of time so that we can maximize coverage of the circle and arrange to get your data. We will be meeting via Zoom in the evening starting at 7:30pm to discuss the highlights of our day and present the totals for the count. You will be given a link to join if you contact Jeff or Richard ahead of time.

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Note - Please phone Richard at 519-533-7386 or Sharron at 519-462-2862 if you have any questions.